Wi2 Operating Model

Chris Sabranek

Q: How does Wi2 operate?
A: Wi2 is a private, non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status aligned with the University of Wisconsin-Madison to facilitate the translation of new medical innovations and breakthroughs.

Q: What types of innovations?
A: Novel biological targets, technologies enabling diagnostic measures, devices delivering medications, or theranostics represent examples of medical innovation.

Q: Who should talk to Wi2?
A: Inventors and individuals interested in translation of innovation into therapeutic use should talk to Wi2.

Q: How do I know that my invention will be of interest for Wi2?
A: Inventions leading to intellectual property are of interest for Wi2.

Q: How to contact Wi2?
A: Send an E-mail to: zimmerman_kurt@aol.com or call Kurt Zimmerman at: (608-219-6425).

Q: What does Wi2 do with your innovation?

  1. Wi2 signs a confidentiality agreement with you to safeguard your priority rights.
  2. Wi2 evaluates the interest of its partners and investors in your innovation.
  3. Wi2 establishes a link to investors interested in your innovation.
  4. Wi2 establishes bilateral contracts with you, progress enablers, and investors.
  5. You team with enablers and develop your invention towards agreed milestones.
  6. Wi2 finances your work until next agreed milestone.

Q: What happens if milestones are not reached?
A: You stop working on your target.

Q: What will happen if milestones are reached?
A: You will continue towards the next milestone.

Q: What is the most advanced target Wi2 will support?
A: It is proof of concept in clinical phase II trials.

Q: What happens if the Phase II trial is successful?
A: Your target will be taken by the investor for full development.

Q: What is the profit for a success?
A: You earn milestone payments for your work and agreed royalties.

Q: Does Wi2 provide grants or capital investment in start-ups?
A: Wi2 is not a granting agency and does not invest in start-ups.

Q: What does Wi2 provide?
A: Wi2 provides, together with its partners, world-class enabling services and financial means to promote your invention from one agreed milestone to another. Wi2 secures engagement of investors in your innovation and supports your success. Success of the inventors is the first priority for Wi2.

Q: How do I proceed?
A: Please describe your target or innovation in detail on the form below, “Research Note on Target.” Someone from Wi2 will reply to you as soon as possible.

Research Note on Innovative Target is a concise presentation of your novel target. It should be written in an understandable manner and should not exceed 2 regular pages. It should describe your vision regarding translation of your target into the human use. No reference to literature is required.

Research Note on Target



Additional comments:

Research Note on Target should contain the following chapters:

  1. Name(s) and address of inventor(s)
  2. Description (name) of the target
  3. Rationale explaining physiological/pathological importance of the target
  4. Proof of the concept (e.g. in vitro, experimental models in animals, humans)
  5. Therapeutic vision for human diseases in the context of existing medications
  6. Drawbacks and expected side effects during future therapy of humans
  7. Intellectual property position (if any)
  8. Strength of your laboratory if supporting development of your target (technologies, models, analytical methods, biomarkers, others)

Please support your position demonstrating your leadership regarding knowledge and competitive advantage of your expertise and skills. Be inventive and creative in presenting therapeutic value of your vision. If your therapeutic vision is not yet supported by data, please make it clear to the reader. Please do not suggest next steps for development of your target if you are not an expert in drug or pharmaceutical development.